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Welcome to the GPRSHelp Web site. In this website you will find information about how to use internet through GPRS network. How to configure your PC and download drivers to get connected.

The information available on this site will help GPRS users worldwide. If you are new to GPRS or mobile data networks than click here >>>>

Our vision is to provide solutions in the emerging area of GPRS Communication Technology. We are committed to develop and deploy quality knowledge products and extend support in the effort to deliver knowledge products indigenously. Our initiative is GPRS Incubation Lab. - (GPRS eSupport)


With the ever increasing popularity of mobile devices, low-power, short range Bluetooth radio links have become the standard method of connecting devices together. Bluetooth links can be used to connect PDAs to GPRS mobile phones for Internet access or to PCs for synchronization. Setting these systems up can be difficult , do take a peek into configuring Bluetooth at GPRS help site.

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For international users please Email any comments about your GPRS connection realted experiences or user experiences that will help other users make better use of mobile data - don't forget to state your country and network provider. Mail us at [email protected]

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